Eric Green Appointed Chief Executive Officer of West Pharmaceutical Services


West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. today announced that Eric M. Green has been appointed the company’s Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Donald E. Morel, Jr., Ph.D., current Chairman and CEO. Eric Green will join West and take on his new responsibilities on April 24, 2015.

Dr. Morel will serve as West’s Chairman following Eric Green’s appointment, until July 1, 2015, when he plans to formally retire.

Eric Green joins West from Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, where he has served as Executive Vice President and President of the company’s Research Markets business unit since 2013. In this role, Mr. Green served as a corporate officer and member of the senior executive team, with responsibility for managing a $1.4 billion business unit—the largest at the company.

“I am excited and honored to lead such a well-respected and successful company. I am impressed with West’s track record for delivering both innovative packaging and integrated delivery solutions that play such a critical role in delivering injectable medicines for patients across the globe. I intend to build on the strategy the current management team has established, and partner with the Board to ensure West’s continued success in the future,” said Eric Green.

“Eric Green brings a wealth of leadership experience from his time with Sigma-Aldrich, a company which shares West’s customer-centric approach to working with the pharmaceutical industry,” said Dr. Morel. “Eric stood out among a very strong candidate list that was considered. We were particularly impressed with his track record of growing revenue and profit for the business units he has led; the diversity of his experience across different business segments, particularly in emerging markets; and his passion for leading people—all of which have prepared him well to lead West. I expect to be fully engaged in helping Eric acclimate to his new role at West and introducing him to our key stakeholders.”

“West is poised for an exciting future thanks to the work of the current management team under Don Morel’s leadership,” said Patrick J. Zenner, Chairman of the Independent Directors. “Eric Green shares the same vision we have for West and we are confident in his ability to lead the company to realize its potential for future growth in the coming years.”


West Hosts Veterans Consortium and Affirms its Commitment to the Men and Women Who Serve Our Country


Today, West Pharmaceutical Services welcomed the Southeast PA Regional Veterans Consortium to its Exton, PA headquarters. The Consortium, created to bring together top employers to collectively combat the employment issues that veterans face, shares West’s dedication to this important cause.

The statistics for veterans returning to civilian life are staggering:

  • Veterans who served since 9/11 have been hit particularly hard. The unemployment rate for them is 12.1%; the national rate is 9%.
  • One in three are jobless and the problem may get worse as more men and women return from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • In 2010, the jobless rate for veterans age 20 to 24 was 20.6%. For non-veterans in the same age group, it was 15.4%.

The Southeast PA Consortium first came together last summer to discuss tangible strategies and start creating an infrastructure to not only provide veterans with job opportunities, but to encourage long-term success. These include:

  • Providing ongoing networking activities
  • Creating a plan for educating hiring managers about the value of hiring a veteran
  • Developing veteran to veteran mentoring

During today’s event, Donald E. Morel, Jr. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Rick Luzzi, Senior Vice President, Human Resources welcomed this distinguished group of corporate and non-profit leaders for an important session to assess and measure the group’s work to date and determine next steps that will ensure the Consortium continues advancing its mission.

Because West too believes in the need to help servicemen and servicewomen transition to meaningful careers in the private sector, the company developed Ties for Stripes. The program does more than just recruit veterans. It partners veterans with a mentor throughout the training and onboarding process and career plans are developed to help them achieve their long-term goals.

West is a proud member of the Southeast PA Veterans Consortium and will support Veterans in more charitable ways through this year’s West Without Borders campaign.

Impressions of DCAT Week 2015

The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) Week took place in New York City the week of March 16, and again proved that this gathering is a terrific networking event for the pharmaceutical industry and its partners. Celebrating its 125th Anniversary, the association demonstrated its continued relevance and leadership in our business sector. DCAT Week always provides a unique opportunity for companies like West to engage in high-level, strategic meetings with our key customers and other business partners.

One of the hallmarks of DCAT Week is the Educational Programming. Attendees were given the opportunity to join a variety of sessions on topics pertaining to the state of our industry as well as its future. A highlight of the week (as always!) was the PharmaChem Outlook session, with a deep dive from IMS Health’s Vice President of Global Pharma Strategy, Graham Lewis,  on the global pharmaceutical market and key trends.

  • The rise of specialty drugs is predicted to continue, with an emphasis on biologics and biosimilars.
  • “Pharmerging” markets are expected to represent 50% of volume by 2015.
  • Innovation is critical to success, and companies are embracing new strategies to succeed.
  • Patient compliance is more critical than ever, as populations age and chronic diseases grow.
  • Mobile solutions and “connected health” innovations can play a key role in reducing costs as well as improving patient outcomes.

Attendees were also able to hear from industry and regulatory experts on other topics such as the FDA’s Quality Metrics initiative and new approaches under the recently formed Office of Pharmaceutical Quality. Of particular interest to suppliers, such as West, was the session regarding “Value Creation through Strategic and Collaborative Sourcing,” which included insights and case studies from key pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, GSK, Lilly and Amgen regarding best practices to co-create value in the supply chain with key supplier partners.

In addition to DCAT Week, the Association has several events throughout the year. To learn more, visit


Obrien Erin 1

Erin O’Brien
Sr. Director, Marketing
Erin is also a member of the Advisory Council of DCAT and participates on the Association’s Membership Committee

Top 5 Vial Container Closure System Trends of 2015

Trend #1 – Particulate, particulate, particulate

This industry buzzword of the last few years is not going anywhere in 2015. Particulate reduction will continue to be the area of focus for all container closure systems, including the traditional vial/stopper/seal combination. For glass and elastomer manufacturers, the emphasis will be on reducing foreign material in the manufacturing process through enhanced gowning and environmental controls, elimination of sources of cellulose, equipment maintenance, and placing increased pressure on their raw material suppliers. Pharmaceutical companies will need to evaluate if older components will meet the modern particulate requirements of the market.

Trend #2 – Understanding Component Variability

Improved component quality is important but reduced variability is just as important. Dimensional variability in a vial or elastomer can lead to machinability issues or even container closure integrity failure. Variability in siliconization could pose a risk to drug product stability or line performance. Variability in washing or sterilization can possibly lead to scrapped product, or in the worst case scenario, drug product recall. As drug manufacturers continue to identify and mitigate risk in their processes, additional pressure will be applied to component manufactures to not only understand their process but also control process and end product variability.

Trend #3 – Digging Deeper into the Supply Chain

With increased regulatory scrutiny and heightened sensitivity to supply interruptions due to natural disasters, supply chain transparency will continue to be a hot topic. Customers want assurance of second-sourcing contingency plans should disruptions occur, creating an even greater burden on suppliers to prove scientific equivalency of dual-sourced components. Additionally, continued globalization will result in product transfers as suppliers try to meet the needs of both local and global markets.

Trend #4 – Eliminating Silicone Oil

Biologic drug manufacturers have been reducing and controlling the amount of silicone oil in their container closure systems for many years now and this trend will continue. Interestingly enough the silicone oil trend is starting to make its way to small molecule manufacturing as well as a result of increased end-of-line rejections due to silicone oil migration into the drug product. Silicone oil may be a necessary addition for processability of current systems but expect drug manufactures to evaluate alternative silicone-free materials throughout their process.

Trend #5 – Reducing Incoming Inspection and Component Processing

Integrating components into the facility and processing them into a ready-to-use state takes significant time and money. Drug manufacturers are transitioning away from managing these tasks themselves and are placing more of the responsibility and risk on their suppliers. Movement toward accepting components on certification, combining multiple batches for incoming inspection, and receiving components in a ready-to-use state has been gaining momentum over the past few years and will continue to do so.

West understands the complexity of selecting the right container closure to fit the uniqueness of different therapeutic options and the ways in which they are brought to the marketplace. We continue to stay on top of these trends in order to develop high-quality components that reduce risk for our customers and deliver medicine safely to patients.


PEOP WEMP Gallagher Patrick 325 LREZ

Patrick Gallagher
Technical Account Specialist
610-594- 3340


Reducing Leachables by Selecting the Most Effective Container Closure

Beginning in 1998, when an increase in the incidence of pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) was observed in patients with chronic renal failure and associated with the subcutaneous use of Eprex® (epoetin alpha), the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European regulatory agencies have paid special attention to leachables in drug products especially resulting from uncoated primary elastomer components.

Current thinking is that biologics may deserve special consideration when selecting a container closure system, because of drug complexity and protein stability challenges, the fact that routine testing may not detect finite changes in the protein and the efficiency of proteins to solubilize leachables.

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies can avoid risk and improve drug safety by evaluating several factors critical to primary containment:

  • How does the selected container closure system impact drug stability over time?
  • Can product quality be associated with a leachables profile?
  • Have acceptable levels of leachables over the shelf life of the product been clearly defined?

With increasing concerns on leachable-related drug product safety, it is especially relevant that West has applied FluroTec® fluoropolymer film barrier to many of its plunger and stopper offerings to deliver a premium solution to customers.

The Eprex issue has been a major milesone for many companies to realize the benefit of FluroTec stoppers and plungers for biologics. On an annual basis, more than 260 million FluroTec plungers are used on marketed drugs delivered in glass syringes or Daikyo Crystal Zenith® syringe systems.

West is proud of its proven regulatory and market track record evidenced through components with FluroTec barrier film. All of the top 35 biologics in a vial or syringe rely on West and Daikyo components with FluroTec Film for barrier properties against potential extractables and formation of leachables. To learn more, visit the West Pharma website.


PEOP WEMP Hlobik Tibor 255 LREZ

Tibor Hlobik
Global Marketing Director
PFS Platform

EPREX is a registered trademark of CENTOCOR ORTHO BIOTECH INC for epoetin alfa injections.

FluroTec® is a registered trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.

FluroTec® technology is licensed from Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.



Visit West at Upcoming Events


West is excited to announce where you can find our thought leaders in the coming months. Stop by at one of these events to learn what West products are all about and how we’re striving to be by your side for a healthier world.

World Vaccine Congress
April 7-9
Washington, D.C.
For more information or to register:
Visit West at Booth #41
Speaker: Zach Marks

April 21-23
New York, NY
For more information or to register:
Visit West at Booth #1106
Speakers: Jen Riter and Andy Polywacz

SMI Prefilled Syringes
April 27-28
Iselin, NJ
For more information or to register:
Speaker: Royce Brockett

West Educational Series
May 6
Grounds for Sculpture
Hamilton, NJ 08619
Registration coming soon

PDA Packaging Conference
May 18-19
Baltimore, MD
For more information or to register:
Co-Chair: Diane Paskiet
Speaker: Andrea Straka

ISCT Annual Meeting
May 27-30
Las Vegas, NV
For more information or to register:
Visit West at Booth #516

AAPS National Biotechnology Conference
June 8-10
San Francisco, CA
For more information or to register:
Visit West at Booth #200 

MD&M East
June 9-11
New York, NY
For more information or to register:
Visit The Tech Group at Booth #1839

Pharmapack North America

June 9 -10
New York, NY
For more information or to register:
Speakers: Chris Evans and Diane Paskiet

West Wins in Four Categories at the 2015 CMO Leadership Awards

On March 18 in NYC, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. was recognized as a leading Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) among emerging biotech companies (EBT) at the 2015 CMO Leadership Awards.

Based on industry research conducted by Nice Insights, West ranked in the top 10% by EBT companies in the following perception categories:

  • Innovation—delivering on agreed objectives
  • Quality—indicating that the company is reputable and compliant
  • Productivity—treating a project as if it was the company’s own
  • Regulatory—meeting all project milestones and timelines

“West is honored to receive this recognition from our customers,” said Graham Reynolds, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems. “West partners with drug manufacturers to improve the lives of patients by designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality drug packaging and delivery systems, that bring drugs from concept to the patient more efficiently, reliably and safely. The emerging biotech customers are among our customers who are seeking the highest quality of product to ensure the packaging, delivery and manufacture of their product is done in a way to maintain the highest levels of drug purity possible, given the sensitive nature of biologic drugs, so we are particularly gratified to receive this recognition.”

The CMO Leadership Award was developed by Life Science Leaders Magazine after hearing from readership about their struggles in vetting CMO partners. Winning a 2015 CMO Leadership Award reflects the fact that executives responsible for making or influencing outsourcing decisions at pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies identified West as a leading CMO.

In addition to West’s overall focus on providing a comprehensive range of packaging and delivery solutions to our customers, West also provides contract development and manufacture through its company The Tech Group—a process driven, global contract manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical devices. With eight locations in North America and Europe, The Tech Group is focused on serving the needs of healthcare companies by providing a single-sourced solution from product conceptualization and rapid prototyping through high-volume manufacturing and final packaging.

The CMO Leadership Award ceremony occurs annually in New York City. This year’s event took place during Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies (DCAT) Week, of which West was a key sponsor.






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