West without Borders 2014: Pulling One String for a Charitable Cause

This year not only marks the 10th anniversary of our West without Borders tradition, but has added a new dimension to the principle of giving. All four West locations in Germany set out to demonstrate their social commitment while hosting a variety of activities in support of a local not-for-profit organization. Thanks to the great efforts of all involved, we were able to generate the record sum of €20,426.27.


West Germany selected the organization FortSchritt as the beneficiary of this year’s charitable campaign. West’s prior donation in 2012 enabled the organization to move into their own premises and hire a conductor to offer conductive therapy in the community. Fifteen children and young adults in groups of six currently benefit from this comprehensive education that touches upon every aspect of a child’s development. In a series of mobility tasks, children learn how to master their daily routine such as getting dressed or going to the toilet. The group setting offers a motivating and supportive environment where individuals are encouraged to reach their personal goals at their own pace. The results speak for themselves. Wheelchair bound children can move around with the help of a walker and even toddlers can improve their playing skills.


To help create excitement for the campaign, team members at the Stolberg plant served freshly prepared specialties and culinary delights from around the world to demonstrate how culturally diverse our workforce is. They also hosted a bicycle tour and offered a course on back fitness. A barbeque marked the end of the charity month.

At the European Headquarters in Eschweiler, each department planned and executed an event. During lunchtime, employees were encouraged to participate in a soccer skill shoot, golf tournament, dart or quiz game. Others enjoyed homemade foods such as hot chili, a variety of salads, a healthy breakfast, Bavarian snacks, or waffles with hot cherries and ice cream.

Team members at the plant in Eschweiler organized a variety of health checks and had representatives from different medical insurances promote health, nutrition and fitness. Old traditions weren’t neglected and during lunch, the management team served hot dogs and other delicious foods. 

At the new office site in Wuerselen the IT, purchasing and data base management teams prepared a low carb menu, organized a smoothies bar and challenged their colleagues in a XBox game. Employees from other sites were also encouraged to join a bicycle tour or running group.


The month of May was very rewarding and has fostered a great amount of collaboration and team spirit among all employees. On June 24, the team handed over the charity check to FortSchritt. In doing so we hope to pave the road to success, one step at a time.

Nadine Gerstler

West without Borders is not affiliated with Doctors Without Borders®, which is a registered service mark of Bureau International de Médecins Sans Frontières.

West Dedicates First Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant in India

Expands Presence in Asian Markets

West Pano 2

More than 100 people gathered in Chennai, India, on July 16, 2014, as West celebrated the dedication of its first pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the Sri City Special Economic Zone (SEZ), where the company is expanding its growing primary packaging for injectable medicines business.

“This investment is important to our strategy of partnering with customers in India and the Asia Pacific region to help them provide medicines to patients more efficiently, reliably and safely,” said Warwick Bedwell, President, Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems, Asia Pacific Region. “With the facility complete, we anticipate a reduction in lead times for supply to our customers in India. By leveraging our global sourcing activities and process engineering expertise, we expect to be able to carefully manage the overall costs of production.”

In June 2012, West signed a 99-year lease on 72,800 square meters (approximately 783,600 square feet) of land in Sri City. Sri City offers the advantages of a metropolitan location and was selected primarily on suitability because of land, availability of utilities, labor suitability, logistics and quality of life.

Construction began in August 2012 on the facility that will produce seals used in primary packaging of injectable medicines manufactured by West’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers in India and the wider Asia Pacific region.

More than 40 employees joined company executives, government officials, and West customers for the event, which was followed by a tour of the facility and luncheon.

West 14

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. has dedicated its manufacturing plant in India’s Sri City Special Economic Zone, where the company will expand its growing primary packaging for injectable medicines business.

Click here to read the full release. 

Words from Ambassador Interns: An Amazing Experience

The other West Ambassador interns and I can all agree that this experience is far from what we imaged, in fact it is much more. From the West without Borders picnic to being assigned various projects, we are learning there are many aspects of a being part of a team in a global company.

Within our first week at West we were deemed ‘The Minions’ for an absolutely wonderful cause to help with the West without Borders picnic, which raised money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The sense of community, care and overall togetherness displayed at the picnic by the West team was something I have never witnessed, nor ever heard of, at any other company! The joy on the children and their respective family’s faces was priceless and truly amazing to witness. I felt honored and humbled to be a part of such a wonderful West event.

It’s not always fun and games – it’s fun and work! We were each assigned various projects to be completed before August 1. It has been interesting learning about each team and how we all interact with each other to work on our projects. Sitting together as a team allows me and the other interns to collaborate and problem solve the challenges of our projects.

I am working with the Quality Assurance team with Tim Meyer as my Supervisor. My projects range from optimization of the stopper drying process to taking photographs of the stopper and vial interactions. As my projects progress, I learn something new every day from the team at West. It is now commonplace for me to be amazed by the truly talented team here. The amount of knowledge that I have gained in the past five weeks is amazing and I am thankful for every bit of it!

Catie Hamilton
Washington College Class of 2015
Physics and Art Double Major

Charity Under the Big Top – West’s Kinston Team Delivers With Circus Theme

Come one, come all to the 2014 West without Borders campaign! From preliminary planning to the final one-ring circus, the 2014 West without Borders campaign in Kinston, N.C., was a whole lot of clowning around in the name of a good cause. This year, Kinston team members supported three charities: Relay for Life Kids’ Walk, Kid’s Cafe and Shriners’ Hospital for Children’s Transportation Fund.

The fun began with a raffle for a massive Valentine’s Day basket of goodies, and rolled on when the charities were selected.

Kinston 1

As a sponsor of Relay for Life’s Lenoir County Kid’s Walk, West team members helped to place a strong focus on the many children diagnosed with cancer each year. The Kid’s Cafe Afterschool Program provides nutritional meals as well as mentoring, tutoring, arts and crafts, and physical activities to needy children ages 5-14 in Lenoir County. Team members continue to collect books to help enrich the program’s sparse library.

In supporting the Transportation Fund for Shriners’ Children’s Hospital, the group helped provide transportation through the “Roadrunner” program, which zips patients from eastern North Carolina to the hospital in Greenville, S.C. More than 35 drivers donate their free time to transport patients and their parents safely.

With a goal to raise $14,000 this year, the games began with meetings, celebrations, clowning around and a circus-themed picnic with prizes, food and fun for adults and children alike. Thanks to the generosity of the team members, more than $20,000 was raised!

Kinston 2

To all those who offered time, donations and fun to this wonderful campaign, thank you!

West without Borders is not affiliated with Doctors Without Borders®, which is a registered service mark of Bureau International de Médecins Sans Frontières.

West Receives Johnson & Johnson Supplier Award

West Pharmaceutical Services team members performed especially well this year for the Janssen Supply Chain Global Procurement Organization (a part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies), which recently presented the team with the bronze Supplier Award. The award was presented during a ceremony at the J&J facility in Turnhout, Belgium, on May 7.

“West is proud and happy to have earned the award,” said Patrick Radermacher, Area Sales Manager. “A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all of our colleagues who have been part of this process directly and indirectly.”

The award is presented to suppliers who have performed particularly well during the previous year. The ceremony also allows J&J to connect with its suppliers and discover achievements and expectations in a relaxed atmosphere.

Congratulations to all those whose diligent work helped West achieve this award!


From left to right: West’s Heino Lennartz and Patrick Radermacher, Joe Agresta (VP Global Procurement, J&J), West’s Marc Klinkenberg, and Vincent Godin (Sr. Manager Global Procurement, J&J)

Have You Seen West’s Redesigned Website?

Westpharma.com has been upgraded!  The new, mobile-friendly site offers easier navigation, intuitive design and  enhanced searchability. The new site is mobile-friendly, and can be easily viewed and navigated from phones and tablets.

  • View the new design here.
  • To see our By Your Side video, click here.
  • To select a color combination for your Flip-Off® seals, click here.
  • For information on our quality-by-design NovaPure® components, click here.
  • Find out how the SmartDose® electronic wearable injector solves drug delivery challenges, click here.
  • Are you interested in a career at West? Click here.

The redesign incorporates West’s vision – By your side for a healthier world. These simple words carry a powerful message. By working side-by-side with our customers, West can help deliver life-saving therapies safely and effectively to patients.

The website redesign is just the first step in bolstering our online presence. Watch for further updates in the coming months and check back often for blog, newsletter and article updates!


Influence of Primary Components on Parenteral Delivery Systems, Biologic Therapies and Patient Outcome

The following is an excerpt of an article that appears in the Summer 2014 edition (Vol. 6, Issue 2) of International Pharmaceutical Industry magazine.  To read the complete article, which begins on page 92 of the issue, visit: http://issuu.com/mark123/docs/ipi_-_volume_6_issue_2_june_2014

Development of therapeutic proteins has been on the rise for a variety of disease conditions. The administration of parenteral biologics relies on interconnected attributes associated with compatibility of delivery components to the safety and efficacy of the final product. It is essential to characterise individual components in contact with a biologic to understand the risks to the delivery system as a whole and the effect on patient outcome. Selecting an appropriate delivery system for these therapies is critically important. The quality of the components within a delivery system also has a significant impact on the development efficiency and the time to market. There are unique regulatory expectations as well as physical and chemical aspects that need to be considered when choosing components for a delivery system. Adequate information on user needs is necessary to design a delivery device suitable for intended use. Quality considerations are important throughout each phase of the pharmaceutical lifecycle to assure fitness for intended use relevant to patients. Alignment of the delivery device with the biologic manufacture, storage and distribution processes is a key element for bringing a product to market.

By Diane Paskiet
Director, Scientific Affairs



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